Ethan Avila is America's Favorite Boy™.

A professional with not only extensive work experience and education in the creative arts, but a strong passion for it as well. His education includes an Associate of Sciences degree in Broadcasting and Cinema and a Bachelor of Arts in TV, Film, and Media Studies. Ethan's career experience has allowed him to develop skills in multiple areas of media production. Through his application with Spacetronaut Games, he was directly involved with game testing and music production. A DIY music producer, singer-songwriter, graphic designer & photo/video editor, Ethan founded Avila Records where he oversees A&R, artist development and promotions. He has collaborated with Razer Headphones and Mega64. Ethan's passion for the media industry has granted him the opportunity to work alongside professionals and develop a strong set of skills, while also driving him forward to keep growing as an artist.

Experience: All

Weight: Ya win some

Height: Ya lose some

Eyes: Romantic

Hair: Bob Dylan meets Dennis Rodman

Favorite Quote: "They can't stop me. Even if they stopped me." - Lil Wayne